Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Web Sites

So I chose two different web sights for the third challenge, one being and the other being I found both to be very useful. made is easy to find resteraunts in not only my area, but in any area that I might be visiting and looking for a good place to eat. I put in Tuckerto, NJ and then narrowed my search to Italian resteraunts and within a few seconds had a listing of every Italian place within a couple miles of me. It was a lot easier to use this web site then it is to use google search or yahoo search. As for my results were the same. This site allows you to search any author or title of books and find them at a cheap price. It also allows you to search for books that are no longer being published and are difficult to find. I love reading and I'm always looking for a good bargain on books so when I saw that I could get a copy af Nicholas Sparks' book at first sight for only $.62 I was amazed. I now have a new way of buying my books!

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