Thursday, December 31, 2009

The end

So I have finally finished my web challenge and I feel good that I stuck to it. Although I believe that all the things I learnt how to do and those that I already knew how to do will come in handy at some point in my life. Even though I didn't care for twitter or the podcast challenge I am greatful that I at least now have a knowledge of how they work. For the most part I enjoyed learning how to do all the other challenges and was proud of myself when I accomplished each one. I hope that the next web challenge has even more rescources for us to explore and learn the ways of using them.

Listen NJ

I found this site easy to work with. well easy after I found a title that didn't have a waiting list and was compatible with my Ipod. I think that I will be using this program in the future for road trips when I want to read a book, but can't because I get car sick if I do. This way I can just put in my ear buds and listen away. I chose to download The Shack which sounds like an interesting title and after I listened to a little bit of the beginning I knew that i had made a good chose.

Monday, December 28, 2009


I found a few interesting podcasts and then some that really didn't fit into waht I was looking for. I searched dogs and found a few casts on help with problem dogs and dog therapy groups wich could be helpfull.


This was a site that I have never been to and I don't think I'll be using it much in the futur. It seems like another place for lists of things that people found interesting at some point along the way.


Okay so I have been tagged before in pictures on facebook and have used it myself so this challeneg was pretty easy forme. I did however enjoy the wordle site I used a few nicknames we have for our dog and i thought it looked pretty cool. I even printed it out to show off what I learnt to do.

Wiki part 2

I found this very interesting I think I will use it for my next get together. I also think I will make these fire roasted crab shooters, here is the recipe they seem very easy to make.
can (14.5 oz) Muir Glen® organic fire-roasted diced tomatoes, undrained
cup tomato juice
slice (1/4 inch thick) red onion
tablespoon cider vinegar
tablespoon olive or vegetable oil
teaspoon salt
drops red pepper sauce
small cucumber, peeled, diced (3/4 cup)
can (6 1/2 oz) special white crabmeat, drained (about 1 cup)
teaspoons coarsely chopped fresh dill weed

In food processor, place all ingredients except cucumber, crabmeat and dill weed. Cover; process with on-and-off pulses until mixture is coarsely pureed. Stir in cucumber.
Spoon about 1/3 cup tomato mixture into each of 8 martini or wine glasses. Spoon about 1 heaping tablespoon crabmeat onto center of each cocktail. Sprinkle dill weed over top.
High Altitude (3500-6500 ft): No change.

In food processor, place all ingredients except cucumber, crabmeat and dill weed. Cover; process with on-and-off pulses until mixture is coarsely pureed. Stir in cucumber.
Spoon about 1/3 cup tomato mixture into each of 8 martini or wine glasses. Spoon about 1 heaping tablespoon crabmeat onto center of each cocktail. Sprinkle dill weed over top.
High Altitude (3500-6500 ft): No change.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Although this is a useful website I don't see myself having much need to use it in the future, However I did like all the lists they provide for you such as events for children at librarys and all program for the matter. I think it is a usefull site for finding information about any library fast and easy and all in one spot.


I love this site!!! I will be using it on a regular basis from now on. I just wish I knew about it sooner. It will save me a lot of time on my photos by using this site to edit and crop and basically do everything to my pictures. It's also a great site to use for last minute posters or flyers for programs at the library.

Google docs

so this challenge was an easy one. I just had to add my name and the website i visited most often. I found a few that were the same but a couple were new to me. I think that this would come in handy if we had to do a poll on a favorite book or even using it to make a list to see what everyone was bringing to a party. This is a very useful website and I will keep it in mind for future projects of mine.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Twitter was number twelve on our challenge, which to me proved to be an easy one. I always said that I would never create an account on twitter because I thought it was more for celebrities, but much to my surprise I found a few of my friends on there. They had up dates that were not posted on their other sites so now I can check each site if I am having trouble getting in touch with them. I was also able to add my two favorite country artists to follow, Tim McGraw and Jason aldean. They also had interesting posts on thier day by day activity. I would recommend this site to anyone who has a busy schedule and might not be able to keep up with the people they want to. one quick click and you are able to see the minute by minute updates of the people you chose to follow.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Face book

I am already a memeber of face book so this challenge really wasn't a challenge at all for me. I love this social network. It allows me to talk with friends and family that I don't get to see on a regular basis and I was also able to find friends that I had lost touch with do to moving and other occurances in life. I think that anyone who wants to be able to keep up with thier friends and family but they might not have all the time to do so should think about joining facebook.

net library

Okay I found this challenge to be difficult. I searched once agian the last song by Nicholas Sparks and netlibrary had trouble finding it. I was curious to see how I would be able to look threw the book on line but since it gave me everything that had the words song or last in it I wasn't able to do so. I was not impressed with this site at all.

World cat

So for this challenge I searched Nicholas Sparks' newest novel the last song. I was not impressed with worldcats deduction of the closest library to me. For my location I put in Tuckerton, NJsince that is where I live and they told me the closest library to get it is the Atlantic City free public library. When in fact the closest would be either the Tuckerton branch of OCL or the Little Egg branch. The details and reviews also did not impress me much because the details just seemed to repeat the jacket cover of the book. I guess ig I were searching a rare book it would be more useful but not for common books.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Library Thing

I loved this challenge!! I no longer have a need to keep a notebook filled with the books I have read or want to read. I think this is a great tool for any person who likes to read. I don't know how many times I have picked up a book and had to read a few pages to know if I had raed it alreday. Now there is no need I can keep a full list of each book and add them as I go along. I also like that I can keep a list of books I would like to read because a lot of times I find a book that I want to read while I'm in the middle of one book and then forget the titlte when I am done.

Beyond Google

Okay for this challenge I decided since it's getting closer to Christmas and everyone in my family loves Carhart clothing that I would use it as my search. Well, I'm glad I did because it made searching for specific items easier then it has ever been in past years for me. I have to say that even though I liked Worio I found that Carrot2 was more for me. It catorgorised carhatrt clothing into work clothes, jeans, protective clothing, jackets, and so on. I liked not having to search through a million pages before finding winter hats. With most search engines when you type in a topic and chose one of the sites you have to go page by page to find the product you are looking for. I will be using Carrot2 to help me with all my difficult items on my shopping list this year!

Google Advanced search

I found google advanced search to be very interesting. Until now I was unaware that by putting or .edu in front of my search would bring up so many more options for me to search through. I was always use to putting it at the end of my topic. For this challenge I searched lung cancer because I am trying to get my brother and boyfriend to quit smoking. I was able to search and find a listing of factors that cause lung cancer and programs that New Jersey is working on and currently providing to bring the awarness of lung cancer more accesible to people. I didn't find much of a difference in searching with edu or org but I was still suprised on how each way organized the topics better to the search method I had typed in. To finish my I would have to say that I find it very useful especially for use in reports on a specific topic.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Google Power User

So, I had no idea that google was capable of so many different things. I tried out a few to see just how well the searches would go and I must say that I was impreesed. I love that I now know when I have a problem conerting feet into inches or how many quarts are in a gallon, I can just jump on Google and in seconds find my answer without having to rack mybrain. I also liked the sport search I just typed in my favorite football tem ( NYGiants) and I had a complete schedule of all thier up coming games. Now I don't have to miss the first half of a game because I didn't know what chanel or wasn't sure of the time it started. The best part is that you can use this search for every team in every sport, so if you have a household full of differemt team lovers then this is a usefull tool for you.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goole Reader

I found that google reader takes three and four steps and simplifies them into one easy step for me. Now I no longer have to open each individual web site to see what is new. I just have to open my google reader account and everything is right in front of me. I would recommend it to anyone who visits mutiple sites everyday to see the latest happenings of each site.

New Web Sites

So I chose two different web sights for the third challenge, one being and the other being I found both to be very useful. made is easy to find resteraunts in not only my area, but in any area that I might be visiting and looking for a good place to eat. I put in Tuckerto, NJ and then narrowed my search to Italian resteraunts and within a few seconds had a listing of every Italian place within a couple miles of me. It was a lot easier to use this web site then it is to use google search or yahoo search. As for my results were the same. This site allows you to search any author or title of books and find them at a cheap price. It also allows you to search for books that are no longer being published and are difficult to find. I love reading and I'm always looking for a good bargain on books so when I saw that I could get a copy af Nicholas Sparks' book at first sight for only $.62 I was amazed. I now have a new way of buying my books!