Monday, November 9, 2009

Library Thing

I loved this challenge!! I no longer have a need to keep a notebook filled with the books I have read or want to read. I think this is a great tool for any person who likes to read. I don't know how many times I have picked up a book and had to read a few pages to know if I had raed it alreday. Now there is no need I can keep a full list of each book and add them as I go along. I also like that I can keep a list of books I would like to read because a lot of times I find a book that I want to read while I'm in the middle of one book and then forget the titlte when I am done.

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  1. So glad you loved this one! It makes keeping track of what you're reading so much easier, doesn't it? If you can post a link to your LibraryThing library - you'll be all set for Thing #8!

    OCL Web Challenge Committee